In this issue we have Sean Foley commenting on Syria. Daphne Muse pays tribute to the late

Helen Washington. J.J.Phillips on Alice Walker’s new pal, Holocaust denier and Neo-Nazi David Icke. Lennox Raphael remembers the actor Walter Cotton with a poem. Karla Brundage starts sending us correspondence from the Ivory Coast. Kevin Alexander Gray comments on the March On Washington’s 50th. Sam Hamod, Terry Adkins and Mark Statman respond to my question about why historian Doug Brinkley was chosen by MSNBC to comment about the march when there are many good black historians around, some of whom attended the first march. We feature Houston Baker, Jr. He responds to Stanley Fish’s Times Oped (July 22,2013). He shoots down Fish’s description of the Trayvon Martin’s killing as the case of an old west confrontation. Now that Zimmerman has threatened his estranged wife and father-in-law with a gun, one wonders which image from popular culture will Fish grab to comment about that confrontation. Included are some photos taken by Tennessee Reed, managing editor.

Ishmael Reed